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Royal Palm Beach, FL Residential & Commercial HVAC and Indoor Air Quality Services by Advantage Air Conditioning of the Treasure Coast, Inc

At Advantage Air Conditioning of the Treasure Coast, Inc, our belief is simply that home and commercial property owners deserve to be comfortable throughout the year, whether at home or in their commercial properties. That’s all there is to it. We are able to help our clients to achieve this goal by offering truly outstanding residential and commercial HVAC and indoor air quality services in Royal Palm Beach. To learn more about what we can do for you, just give a member of our team a call today.

We Provide Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services

If you really want to stay comfortable at home throughout the most punishing heat of the summer season, then you absolutely must have a great air conditioning system in your residence. We have all of the systems you could possibly hope to choose from. No system is complete without great air conditioning services so let us install yours.

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair, Replacement & Installation

AC repair is an inevitability. Scheduling a high–quality air conditioning installation or replacement can help to get your system off to the right start, though. Count on our staff to keep your AC up and running at peak performance levels.

We Service and Install Heat Pump Systems

If you’ve never heard of a heat pump, make sure that you do your homework before deciding upon your next HVAC system. Heat pumps have become more and more popular in Royal Palm Beach as more homeowners seek greater convenience and energy efficiency. Heat and cool your home with one system, while paying less to do so.

We Service and Install Thermostats

Regardless of what type of thermostat you decide to use, remember that it must be professionally installed and serviced. We’ll see to it that this is the case. Our team can help you to control your HVAC system with great precision.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Heating Services

Your heater will not see quite as much use as your AC. However, it is every bit as important as that more heavily–used system. For great heating services in Royal Palm Beach, all you must do is to dial our number.

We Service and Install Gas and Electric Furnaces

Gas and electric furnaces consistently rank among the most popular of all heating systems. This phenomenon is not at all difficult to understand. When you use a gas or electric furnace to heat your home, you can do so effectively and promptly.

Do You Need Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Solutions?

If you believe that all you need to live comfortably is consistent temperature regulation, think again. The quality of the air that you breathe in your home is not something that you can afford to overlook. There are numerous issues which may develop with your indoor air quality, but rest assured in knowing that our specialists have all of the solutions that you may need.

We Service and Install Dehumidifiers

High humidity can lead to a number of different issues in your home. These include problems with heavy, muggy air impeding your comfort, as well as the promotion of biological pollutant growth. Contact us to have a whole–house dehumidifier installed in your home, and dry out the air as needed.

We Offer Air Purifiers and Air Purifier Services

The air purifier is one of the best ways in which to boost the quality of the air in your living space. From electronic air purifiers to UV air purifiers, our staff will help you to choose the right system for your needs. Call for more details.

We Service and Install Humidistats

Humidistats may not have the instant name recognition that thermostats do, but they are quite important if you hope to regulate humidity levels in your house. We install and service humidistats in Royal Palm Beach. Let us know if you are ready to take control over humidity levels in your home.

We Offer Pool Heaters and Pool Heater Services

Don’t let chilly weather or cloudy days leave your pool unusable. Instead, fire up your pool heater and have at it. With a pool heater you can extend your swimming season for more fun than ever before.

We Provide Comprehensive Commercial and Industrial HVAC Services

Commercial and industrial HVAC systems are quite large and very complex collections of numerous components. Every part of that system must be in fine working order if you hope for your system to function properly. When you let our team complete your commercial and industrial HVAC services you can expect nothing less than stellar service quality.

We Service and Install Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

The activity in a commercial property can make the already considerable heat truly unbearable. A commercial air conditioning system for your Royal Palm Beach business is an absolute must. Just make sure that yours is only installed and serviced by skilled, trained professionals.

We Service and Install Commercial Dehumidifiers

You cannot afford to suffer high levels of humidity in your commercial property. The good news is that you won’t have to when you enlist the commercial indoor air quality pros at Advantage Air Conditioning of the Treasure Coast, Inc for help. If you need a new commercial dehumidifier or commercial dehumidifier services in Royal Palm Beach we are here to help.