You might have heard that an air conditioner may need to be “recharged” from time to time—to have refrigerant added to the system in order for it to operate properly. When an air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it may run into many problems such as poor levels of cooling or a system that freezes up. If you believe you need to add refrigerant to your system, be sure to call an experienced professional, who will not only add refrigerant but also thoroughly inspect for any leaks. Here’s why professional service is so vital.

Refrigerant Does Not Dissipate Naturally

The thing that you should keep in mind about refrigerant is that it should never dissipate naturally. The refrigerant line is designed to contain refrigerant, while allowing heat to dissipate from the system. However, as refrigerant condenses and evaporates over and over again, it should never leave the system as long as it is in good condition.

There are really only two reasons that an air conditioner should be low on refrigerant. One reason is that it never received the proper amount of refrigerant in the first place during installation. Another reason is that there are leaks throughout the system which require sealing. In either case, only an expert can top it off and seal any leaks.

Only a Professional Can Recharge Refrigerant

If you need to recharge your air conditioning system, you cannot do it alone, for several reasons. First, recharging refrigerant requires the proper licensing. Your technician must be certified to handle refrigerant and to recycle the refrigerant through the proper channels. Second, a professional is more experienced locating a leak, and carries the proper equipment for the job. Make sure you always choose someone with the proper skills and expertise for any air conditioning repair.

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