Unfortunately, many an air conditioning system goes largely unused on a hot day because the homeowner is worried about the possibility of high energy bills. But if you follow our tips for keeping an air conditioner running efficiently, you can operate your AC more often and feel a lot more comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.

  • Choose an efficient system for new installation. When searching for a new system, be sure to look at efficiency ratings as opposed to initial cost. While a more efficient system may cost more at first, the savings each month may offset this.
  • Only work with trained HVAC technicians. For any AC service, make sure you hire a skilled technician so you know the job is done right. Whether it’s annual air conditioning maintenance (a service which can greatly boost efficiency) or new installation, professional service ensures quality.
  • Don’t block off vents or any other AC equipment. If a room is too warm, we recommend against shutting the vents. This may confuse your air conditioner, in a sense, because it was designed to cool a specific amount of space. It may turn on and off too frequently, which can wear down the parts. Also, keep large debris or shrubbery away from the outside unit.
  • Change the air filter. The air filter is not just for allergens. It also protects the AC from damage if replaced regularly. If not, there may not be enough airflow to the system, which will struggle and use a lot of energy to cool the home.
  • Learn about your thermostat. We know it’s easy to just switch on your air conditioner when you’re hot and turn it off when you leave. But what’s even easier—and more efficient—is to take advantage of the programming options on your thermostat. Switching the unit on and off too frequently can use a lot of energy, so learn to set the thermostat to use less, switching off when you go away and running at a higher temperature during peak hours.

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