If your air conditioning system does not run properly or if it breaks down completely, you want repairs fast. That’s why you should always trust trained professionals for AC repair, as they can fix the issue quickly and accurately. However, there may be a few things you can do on your own to try to fix the problem.

Check Vents

Are multiple rooms having trouble cooling down, or is it only a problem in a single room? If the cooling issue is only present in one room or area, it may be that someone has blocked one of the vents. While blocking off a vent can make you feel more comfortable temporarily, we strongly recommend against it. A blocked vent may create issues for an AC, which must work harder to run efficiently as it is designed to cool a specific amount of space.

Change the Air Filter

If your air conditioning system still runs but does not cool your home sufficiently, it could be due to several issues. One potential problem is with the air filter. The air filter of your air conditioning system not only protects your air quality, it also guards your system. The filter keeps the air handler from becoming damaged, but if it is too dirty it can have the opposite effect. A dirty air conditioning filter will keep air from coming into the unit and reduce its ability to cool the home properly, so change yours every one to three months.

Check Circuit Breakers Switches

If the air conditioner trips your circuit breaker, there may be a major issue with the electrical components of your system that needs attention. However, it may be a temporary issue that has tripped the breaker or the switch may have been flipped on accident. Simply switch it back to the on position and try running your air conditioner again, but call a technician if the issue repeats.

If you do run into any problems with your air conditioner, call the experts at Advantage Air Conditioning for prompt AC repair in Saint Lucie and Palm Beach County, FL.

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